February 24, 2012

I have had several potential Mother-in-Laws. 
PMIL #1 was a nurse, and she really didn’t like my “heel walking”.  I guess the family had all learned to walk with their tiptoes all the time, whereas during normal waking hours, I walked normally, which was too loud.  Beyond that, I do not remember too much of a relationship with her.  Youth eventually ended that relationship as I suspect she knew it would. 
PMIL #2 thought I was too dependent on her son.  Maybe I was, who knows.  I was 22, so I think we are all fairly dependent on our friends and girl/boy friends.  She liked me, but really didn’t think that I was the one for her son.  Eventually, he thought that too and hooked himself up with a little cookie whom he was “teaching to sail”.  Actually, considering how I reacted to that, perhaps I was a little too dependent. . . hmmm.
PMIL #3 was a bit neurotic.  She also accused me of cheating at cards – jokingly in tone, but I think she really thought her son and I had a rigged system.  We didn’t really, but in euchre, you either get the cards and go for it or not.  No system.  She also thought I could be her girlfriend and told me a lot of personal things that I wouldn’t think you would tell your son’s girlfriend.   I think I dodged a bullet there.
PMIL #4 didn’t like me at first.  I know you’re thinking, of course she did, you were just paranoid.  You are wrong.  In fact, she told me she didn’t like me.  Actually screamed it at me one day.   Whoa.   Just 12 months later, she was telling me that her good china would be excellent for “an engagement party”  Winkity Wink wink.   Really?    
PMIL #5 is actually now MIL.  I do not remember meeting her really, she was just there ever since I can remember.  I guess that is because I can’t remember my life without Emile.  I have gone to their house for 11 years, and I am part of the family now  (whether they want me or not), so I can’t remember the actual first meeting.  I can tell you that knowing myself, I would have been exceptionally nervous, and unfailingly courteous.   But I have lucked out as far as MILs go.  She is juxtaposition of many things – tolerant, forgiving, giving, kind, inclusive, busy, hard-working and able to see people for the way they really are and love them anyways.   She shares many similar values with my mom and my husband takes after her.  So I have a lot to thank her for.
Today I went to the Home Show at BC Place in Vancouver with my Aunt (my dad’s sister).  She is 62.  I don’t think she’ll mind me telling you that, especially if when you see her you tell her she doesn’t look 62.  When she tried to get her senior discount admission to the home show, the kid made her show ID.  Not a bad start to the weekend.  The home show was ok – somewhat focused on the rich (major renovations) and the weak (head setted announcers showing you solutions for problems you didn’t even didn’t know you had).  Not much for the condo owner looking for small decorating ideas etc.  But it was fun, and lots of good walking. 
When I got home, Grandpa was pleased to see me, but concerned I was wet.  He had received an MBNA credit card application which he asked me to check out for him (yep, garbage) and a Ed-n-Me’s pizza menu (where we are all heading for dinner tomorrow, good info).  He paused and then remembered “I got a card!”  He pulled out the card, with words that wished him the best visit with his granddaughter from Henk and Toni (MIL).  He was so pleased to receive the card and so pleased to share it with me.
February 24th Extra-Ordinary Event:  Seeing the pleasure given by my thoughtful MIL with a simple act of kindness.

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