February 27, 2012

Tonight was again spent with our friends Colin and Alison and their 3 kids – Selina, Mariella and Carson (6,4,2 I think).
Emile already has the two older ones screaming and bouncing off the walls before dinner even began.  Carson is a little too young yet to see what the big deal is about Emile, so he was eating his pre-dinner snack of apple slices quietly and carefully at the table.
He’s pretty young, so if he stretches he can touch the top of the kitchen counter.  While the adults were distracted by excited girls hanging on Emile, Carson slipped off his chair with his empty bowl and made his way to the kitchen.  He carefully reached up and put his empty bowl on the counter top above the dishwasher.  He rubbed his head – so cute – and then walked back to sit at the table with us again.
February 27th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary Event:  Seeing a two year old clear his place without even being prompted.

Author: Susan

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