March 2, 2012

About six years ago, Emile bought Mom and I matching webcams.  They were matching in fact, but they didn’t have to be – they could have been any old webcam.  But it allowed us to connect in a different way and see each other despite the differences in geography.  Watching someone on webcam while to chat or Skype is funny, especially if they do not know how to type.  And in general, as you sit and type, you tend to forget someone is looking at you and vice versa.  So, your face goes back into the neutral position that isn’t as attractive as you think it is – especially reflected in the webcam software.  The lighting is a little poor, the positioning is usually strange and it can make you look at little jowl-ly.
I will interject here, that it is interesting when you say things like this about yourself, often time the person with you will say “You don’t look that bad, in fact I think you look nice”.  Is this courtesy?  Or artifice?  Or sincerity?  Honestly, I think I prefer it to be courtesy.  Really, if I think I look that bad, and my friends and family are sincere in telling me I don’t, my perception of myself is skewed.  If they false about it, then I don’t have really good friends.  Either one is undesirable.  Changing my perception of myself is a painful, long drawn out process.  Dumping friends is easy, but it can be lonely.
Anyways, we were discussing webcams last night because we were 5 people in a room, using 4 smart phones.  Two of which are iPhone 4Gs that have video chat.  I have to hold the phone about my head to look any good, and use gravity working for me.  My friend Lisa was visiting, so that got us to talking a bit about our wedding, as Lisa was the maid of honour.
These two conversations intersected at the memory of the best webcam experience of my life.
My mom shopped in vain in larger centres trying to find her mother of the bride outfit.  She and her best friends searched and searched, trying on many items and none were just right.  Back at home in Cranbrook, Mom on a whim visited a store called “Pretty Woman”.  Those of you who live in large cities need to understand.  A store named “Pretty Woman” in Toronto or Vancouver would be located in a less then stellar neighbourhood and carry cheap garments.  All the windows would have hand written signs that say strange things that are misspelled.  In a small town, a boutique named “Pretty Woman” was just that – a boutique that is one of just several shops for ladies clothes in town – women who wanted to look pretty.  Mom thought she would check it out and amazingly found two outfits for the wedding.  Looking back – they were perfect for her, fit perfectly, looked great and really reflected her personality.
She came home so excited about finding the outfits for an event she was so looking forward to, she had to show them to me right away!  Without a digital camera in the house, there was no fast way.  But yet!  The web cam!  She fired up the computer and asked Todd (my brother) to assist.  Emile and I gathered around the computer at our place, and Todd was assigned to lighting.  Mom entered the room in the dark and stood in front of the computer.  She indicated for Todd to turn on the lights.  But Todd was a showman – he flickered the lights for her.  Despite the bad resolution, it was hard to miss how great she felt in her outfit and the smile on her face.  Between her posing, and Todd’s light show, there was not a dry eye in the house.
The memory of that day reminds me how excited Mom was for the wedding and how strongly she believes that Emile and his family were the right match for me.  It’s not always the “big” memories that have the staying power.
March 2nd Extra-Ordinary Event:  Reliving good memories with good friends and family.  Knowing how much mom always wants the best for me.

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