March 7, 2012

I was handed the phone by my brother and the person on the other end said to me “I was just thinking about babysitting three little kids, if I had to run a daycare, I think I’d shoot myself”.  Giggle, Giggle.
There was no salutation, no hello, just the start of a conversation.  None was needed, It was Kathy, my mom’s best friend since I can remember.  She has been my mom’s friend since they taught together at Central School here in Cranbrook in the early 70s before I was born.   They are as different as two people can be, yet they share an unbreakable bond.  My mom – organized, assertive, and pragmatic; Kathy – extensive attention to detail when required, cluttered organization, and just a little bit country.  Together they have shared raising two children each, tragedies, heartaches, joys, and above always – truth.  They love each other for embodying the opposite of the other.  Though they deal with their lives differently, they both have a core of steel and share the same values.   Kathy drops by for a coffee whenever, and still says “Only if you’ve got some on”.
Kathy although a blessing to my mom, has not always been to me.  She tends to say things blithely and innocently that leads to terrible consequences for me.
“Hi Sooz!” (at my pre-graduation party) = A definite change in my planned activities before the graduation party
“I saw you roaring up the 2nd Street hill in the Barracuda” = Yet another discussion with my mom about driving responsibly
“Open your mouth!  Is that your adult tooth growing in front of your baby tooth?”  = 3 retainers, four teeth pulled, 3 years of braces, and fear of dentists
But I shouldn’t complain. I suspect there has been a lot of intercedences on my behalf with my mom.  There were some unexpected about-faces after a coffee in the living room. 
Kathy has the gift to laugh at herself and appreciate who she is.  And I don’t think that has come with just age, I remember her laugh rolling off her throughout my life.  We can only hope to have such a friendship in a lifetime like the one my mom and Kathy share.
March 8th Extra-Ordinary:  Not worrying when you can’t totally follow the conversation.  We’ll get there.
PS Those 3 little kids were her two grandsons and another little girl.  Three great kids, but a little off the normal daily dynamic with the addition of a  little girl with two brothers.

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