The Daily EO: March 17, 2012

11:11 am   08/08/08

When I was a kid, I would plan part of my day to see 11:11 am on one of the digital clocks in the house or car (apparently 11:11 pm was a bit beyond bedtime).  Too often, I would get distracted at 11:10, and then remember and disappointedly see 11:13.  When I did manage to see 11:11, I would excitedly point it out to mom.  She showed interest, but I know now it probably was parental interest, not true excitement about the the turning of the digital clock.  My favorite clock to watch on was my mom’s clock radio, it was “digital”, but instead of glowing numbers like we have now, it was like four mini Rolodexes.  I could actually watch them flip over when it was time.

The most amazing number ever was my birthday:  August 8.  08/08.   How cool is that?  In 1988, I must have bored the world to death telling them about my miraculous birthday coming up:  08/08/88.  Fortunately, by the time 08/08/08 arrived, I was mature and much more cool about it.  (But how amazing is having a birthday on 08/08/08 and meeting for drinks at 8 pm?  OMG!).

Anyways, I worked out what I thought was another miracle when I was a kid.    My birthday is August 8th.  My brother’s birthday is March 20th.  My dad’s birthday was August 20th.  He shared my birthday month and my brother’s birthday date!!  WOW!  It was like it was planned.  (please note, both my brother and I were not induced – it was not planned, and therefore even MORE miraculous).

So absolutely fascinated by unique number patterns.  How many times did I say to teachers, friends, strangers, dates:

“My birthday is 08/08.  Cool huh? My brother’s birthday is March 20th.  Yep, first day of spring!!  My dad’s birthday was August 20th – sharing my brothers and mine!  My Mom’s birthday is March 17th.  Yes, St. Patrick’s day!!  We totally thought Todd was going to be born on Mom’s birthday!  Aren’t those the coolest family birthdays?”

Yeah. . . . didn’t have a lot of second dates.

March 17th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary Event:  My Mom’s Birthday.  It’s like totally on St. Patrick’s Day!


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2 thoughts on “The Daily EO: March 17, 2012”

    1. Maybe so, but he doesn’t fit into my family’s narrative of birthdays. If you, Ryan, Jeremy and Matthew all shared our birthdays, I would faint!!

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