The Daily EO: March 19, 2012

This morning I woke up about 8:30.  I was freezing and I had a headache.  There is nothing worse than waking up cold.  Well, actually, there is nothing worse waking up cold while camping.  But anyways. . . I woke up cold and my head was weary.  I groggily made my way into the bathroom where I proceeded to have the hottest bath I could.  This warmed me up pretty quickly, but I continued to have this weird light-headed feeling.  I couldn’t focus properly and had to make an effort to read.  Out I got as I felt much warmer – as evidenced by pink skin on half my body.

I turned up the heat, wandered into the kitchen to make some tea, and did chores while I waited for the water to boil.   The room seemed hazy, a little blurry.  Must be this headache.  My left eye is bugging me.  Rub.  Adjust my contact.  That’s weird, that kinda bothers my eye.



Close Right Eye.   Blurry

Cover Left Eye.  Clear  (I am not ambidextrous in winking)

Close Right Eye.  Blurry

Cover Left Eye.  Clear.

March 19th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Taking a good hour before I realize one of my contacts has fallen out overnight.   I can’t see because I can’t see.


Author: Susan

Susan has a lot to say about a lot of things.

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