The Daily EO: March 24, 2012

Pre-pee:  168.4

Post-pee:  167.8  (Am I the only one who does this?  I once had a 2 lb pee.  What a day.)

This can’t be right.  I think my scale is vindictive because I am ignoring its “BATT LOW” flashing.

But yet, my “comfy” jeans are tight this morning.  Ahem.  Tight again.

I don’t want to write about this particular subject – it all feels very “Bridget Jones” and makes me feel like I too am caught in the endless parade of women obsessing with their weight and appearance.  There is a “feel good in your own skin” aspect though, and I haven’t felt good in my skin for a while.

And just like anytime I find something in my life I don’t like, I ignore it for a while, then eventually take action.  By action I mean I start “things” or “challenges”.

Back in January 2008, we wanted to save a bit of money, so we decided to spent no money on food whatsoever.  Only eat what was in the house and freezer.  No groceries or restaurants.  By January 29th, there were some pretty inventive menus being dreamed up and pretty much just condiments smoothies.   Thank goodness for frozen fruits and veggies or we might have developed scurvy.

November 2007:  never drink a diet cola again.  Successfully completed.  But My god, summer is coming.  My sweet fizzy friend so perfect on a long hot humid summer day.  I miss you, but we were just no good together.

February 2011:  We only spent cash I was bringing from serving – and let me tell you cash from serving is pretty slim pickings in Muskoka in February.  That almost became a January 2008 repeat.

Or this past January when we decided to adopt a vegan diet for knowledge and to save the earth.  Boy, did I miss eggs and the earth apparently is still in jeopardy.

So, when I see these numbers on the scale and am facing shrunken short syndrome, action I do take.  That means a challenge, a “thing”.  So, I dreamed up “Fit April”.   I may it change to “Active April” due to the alliteration.  But we’ll see, because then I’ll have to change all the letterhead, and the website, so it would add in unnecessary costs in a start-up year.

Fit April 2012 is a challenge to lose 10 pounds by the end of April.   That is about 6% of my body weight and I think quite doable.  And Emile is joining me on this quest, but he hasn’t set his goals yet.

We’ve thrown again some target activities.  We both need to run/walk/crawl 20 kms a week and exercise an average of 5 times a week.  Other goals to be added.  But the best part is I signed us up for a 5 km run at the end of April!  That seems fun now.

So, you can see Fit April isn’t totally defined yet, but we are using LiveStrong to track our calories and exercise.   I used this in the past and it is fairly simple and easy, so figured the best thing to do is to use it and sign up Emile.

As I was updating my information on LiveStrong, I came across a tool that allows you to add a brag banner to your website.  Oh, that’s just great!  Terrific.  Thanks a lot LiveStrong.


March 24, 2012 Extra-Ordinary: 

Getting to put this banner on my blog:


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