The Daily EO: March 27, 2012

I was eating purple soup when the doorbell rang.  I considered not answering the door as I wearing my pyjamas.  But it was my problem I was in my pyjamas in the afternoon, not the person at the door.  It turned out it was the Ontario Hydro guy.  He came to tell me that my meter was “not communicating”.  He needed to reconnect it.  The power will go off for 5 seconds or so.  Do I have any computers running?  (Do I have any computers running?  Only three of them.  And like they aren’t hooked up to Battery Back-ups!  Whose house do you think this is?)

My first reaction was “This is how the kidnappers/robbers/thieves get into houses in movies and TV shows.  It’s always a power guy.”

My second thought was “I wonder if my hair is standing straight up?”

My third consideration: “In the house, Beavis!”  (the cat was making a break for it)

My fourth evaluation: “Well, he is not asking to come in the house.  Beavis and I are probably safe.  Phew.” (Because they always ask to come in, and then look around serendipitously as they close the door behind them)

Then finally the core of the issue.  “What!?  My meter is not communicating with Ontario Hydro?  And you are here to make sure it works again!?  Hold on here, mister!  Ontario Hydro can’t bill me accurately because my meter isn’t working? Get off my land!”

March 27, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Not being able to answer the question “Am I honest or just a wuss?”


Author: Susan

Susan has a lot to say about a lot of things.

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