The Daily EO: April 3rd, 2012

A recruiter called me at 10 am this morning to discuss a Materials Manager position that I had submitted my résumé to over the weekend.   It’s always good to be called that quickly, and I was pleased to get the call.  The posting was written for me – Materials Manager with 10 years experience, preferably with automotive and SAP experience.  The posting was for “Confidential” so I didn’t know the name of the company and where in Toronto it is located.

But, I felt like I had another poker in the fire so to speak.

This recruiter was unique in that he told me the company about 2 minutes in to the conversation.  Most recruiters keep it confidential until they have the whole conversation with me.  Good thing he told me right up front.  Afterall, I had heard of this company before – in fact, I had interviewed at this company three weeks before.   Yes, the ginger-haired potential boss one.  Also the company that has missed every commitment they’d made in telling me of the status of the position.

To recap: A recruiter calls me to discuss a position I have already interviewed for, and that I have not been notified by that same company if they want to hire me or not.

The conversation went from unfortunate to awkward.  After I let the recruiter know the situation, he began to help me understand why perhaps they didn’t want to hire me.  The man who has known me for 2 minutes, and only read my résumé.  So, instead of discussing a potentially great job, a stranger calls me up and tells me about my potential failings.

I cut him off as politely as I could to steer the conversation to other opportunities he may have.  He says he will keep my résumé on hand.  And don’t they always say that?

April 3rd, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  It’s me that is unemployed?  Really?


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