The Daily EO: May 7th, 2012

I have a blister on my left hand in that awkward place between the thumb and pointer finger.  I was wearing gloves while I raked, but apparently these soft office – um. . . unemployed – hands can’t take too much wear and tear.  It hurts.

That’s just an aside, I really want to talk to you about High Interest Saving Accounts Rates in Canada.  When Emile and I sold our house, we needed somewhere to put the equity until we bought a new house.  We couldn’t lock it in or put it into RRSP as at any time we could need that money (um. .  the best laid plans of mice and men . .).  And that left pretty much nothing but a savings account.  But just like I explained that every good thing has a price – low mortgage rates come with low savings account rates.  I shopped around and found the highest rate in Canada: 2.5%.

This was a reasonably large amount of money that we had, and the 1.75% with our current financial institution – which for legal reasons I will refer to as Typical Bank – meant we were missing out on modest returns.  Plus, we didn’t want our house equity easily accessible if I decided to start raising miniature ponies and needed seed money.  So we moved our money to a Credit Union in Manitoba – which for legal reasons I will refer to as Runaround Credit Union.   And it was good.  I bragged.  I told friends.  And then I got an email from Runaround Bank saying that “credit economic conditions meant adjusting the rate to 2.25%”.   Well, okay, still the highest savings account in Canada.   Then the second email:  2.0%.

I got the final e-mail from Hubert ( today. . . oops, I mean Runaround Credit Union.  They now dropped their interest rate to 1.85%.  Blah.

I’d move the money back to Typical Bank, but they inflated their interest rates during RRSP season and well. . . . that pissed me off.   Manulife* . ..  damn I did it again. . . I mean, Typical Bank and Runaround Credit Union wouldn’t call it Bait and Switch, but I do.

May 7th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Getting tricked by the old bait-and-switch game.  Good thing I am not on the streets of New York, I would have lost all my pennies to street performers.  “Find the Queen!  Keep your eye on the Queen!”

Maintenance May Day 7:
Fostering an abused dog to help re-socialize him so he can be adopted by a loving little boy living on a farm.  (Lie)
Not lying on my blog about doing something I didn’t.  (Soul)
I was unsuccessful in finding something worthy of Maintenance May today.  It is pretty hard to complete something everyday.  I’ll try harder.

* This is my homage to Tina Fey – reading BossyPants now.  She’s funny.


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