The Daily EO: May 28th, 2012

I have a thing about things that are liquid – I don’t see how they can possibly be used up.  Ok, ok, intellectually I understand the concept of volume and space, but it doesn’t seem right.  My first real experience with this was cans of cone dip when I was a cone dipper at Dairy Queen at 14.  We would open these huge cans of cone dip (which is 1/2 wax people, how do you think they get the dip to harden so shiny and hard?), and we would dip, dip and dip, until we got to about 1/2 an inch deeper than a large cone.  Then, we would have to refill it (if I have to explain why to you, please think it through).  I always found myself amazed that the act of dipping cones over and over again actually consumed the liquid.

Same thing with soup.  If you serve me soup that has chunks in it – it is a satisfying and hearty lunch.  If you take that same soup and use a stick blender on it, I will think I am having a light lunch that will allow for extra calories later that afternoon.  Liquids don’t really need processing by the body and therefore don’t count as food.

This “liquid peculiarity” of mine was felt keenly as I finished a gallon of white paint this morning.  I actually painted so much that I came to the bottom of full can of paint.  Due to my mindset, I think that is a massive amount of painting.  Now, if you consider the number of cans of paint used to paint the outside of the house, it is nothing really – but my heart is telling me different.  It is saying that if I used that much liquid, it was a painting filibuster.  Epics will be written of this day.

May 28th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Truly believing something rather ordinary is extra-ordinary.

Maintenance May Day 28:
Sent Thank You Note to founder and organizer of Spin the Lake (connection)



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