The Daily EO: June 18th, 2012

How many pounds will I gain if I eat a pound of butter?  How many pounds will I gain if I eat a pound of lettuce?

I think the answer should be the same.  I mean if you step on the scale holding a pound of butter, your weight will go up 1 pound.   Swap that out with a giant bag of lettuce, same difference.

So if you hold these items with your stomach instead of your hands, it is the same.  Yet.  If you live your life and then sleep on it, not so much.   In some magical way, butter turns into weight, lettuce turns into . . . well, poop, I guess.

Over the weekend, I ate like a normal person.  Not a normal person focused on weight loss, not a NFL linebacker, but a normal person enjoying food.


Friday evening:   Chicken with Champagne and Vanilla Bean Sauce/asparagus/green beans/mashed parsnips & potatoes, followed by Strawberry Cake and a couple of blueberry cookies
Saturday:  Strawberry Cake for breakfast (we couldn’t let it go to waste), Roast Beef Sandwich with broccoli salad for lunch, Steak (small piece) with salad, veggies, and a small helping of mashed potatoes
Sunday:  Cheese and bread (too much of both) for brunch, and then a side busting dinner at Mandarin Buffet all-you-can-eat restaurant
Snacks:  Cookies and some pieces of chocolate and tea with cream and sweetener

Please note, I run 5k on both Friday and Sunday.

So, not the best diet ever, but not over the top (except for the Mandarin Trip).  Normal person, eating lots of vegetables, eating too much bread and despite trying to eat healthily at the Mandarin, eating excessively.  I also was short of sleep for the weekend.

So, Monday morning, when I climbed upon the scale, there should have been an uptick for sure.   A pound or two.

June 18th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:   Gaining 5 pounds in 2 1/2 days.  I should not have eaten those five pounds of butter.  Hmmm.


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