The Daily EO: June 30th, 2012

It was my friend’s 50th birthday party today.   Not her birthday – that is in August – but her surprise party thrown by her husband.  He did a great job keeping the secret, but it is a little easier when it’s a month early.  Why a month early?  Well, because a bunch of friends were already planning to be up wouldn’t be here in August.  So, 50 is 50.  Celebrate when you want, right?

The party was held in “the shop” – which is a 3 bay garage that by day is used to make paint repairs to cars and boats.  That’s funny right?  Sounds hokey and kinda  like “Really?  The shop?”.  But it wasn’t.  It was fun – it was neat and it it didn’t matter if you spilled your drink.   Now this shop isn’t like your mechanics shop with oil and stuff all over the place – it is more like an upscale garage.  Complete with decorations, a DJ, and a huge pig roasting BBQ, we were pretty set.   It wasn’t white linen napkins – but it shouldn’t have been.  It was exactly how you wanted to kick off a long weekend in Muskoka.

That’s the wonderful thing about Muskoka – come as you are.  In the summer, you can easily tell the shiny, primped tourists from the wrinkled, comfortable locals.  We’re a little smug about it really – laughing at the traffic heading North on Friday evening and again heading South on Sunday night.   I suppose they laugh at us idiots trying to make a living in a town increasing dependent on tourism.

June 30th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Drinking Bacardi Pina Colada Coolers in a paint booth.  Weird, but perfect.



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