The Daily EO: July 8th, 2012

I neglected to put photo credit on the photo from yesterday’s entry.  Although I did the post-processing, the photo was taken by my husband Emile. 

There is a bakery in town.  It is called Schat Bakery.  German or something.  It certainly catches your eye as you drive down Main Street.  In English, the name sounds like past tense of poop.  Like all bakeries, I know it is there, but I do not often visit.  They smell terrific but are like having 3 shots of vodka before grocery shopping.  Suddenly you really need a cake a day for desserts.  So with our fitness kick, I stay out of the bakeries.  I can’t physically run as far as I would have to burn off all those calories.

My in-laws are visiting and we decided to do some sight-seeing and shopping downtown.   Looking for a fast and cheap lunch idea, I suggested the hotdog cart.  Nothing like a hotdog or sausage on a beautiful summer day!  My father-in-law looked at me and the cart like I suggested he scrounge for food in the gutters.  Apparently, he has a problem with hot dogs.  Or perhaps he was cranky due to lack of caffeine.  Whatever it was, he wasn’t eating on the street.  He was going to walk the six blocks to the closest Tim Horton’s and get a coffee.

In all the times I have visited with people from Holland, it doesn’t matter how full you are, how sick of food you may be, you always have a sweet treat with your coffee.  Always.  Even if it is stale graham crackers from the back of the pantry.  You have a sweet treat.  And my in-laws are Dutch.  We needed a coffee and a sweet treat.  And no tubes of processed meat.

Hoping to salvage this situation, I looked up and saw Schat Bakery across the street.  On the window it said “Coffee/Tea”.  We entered the cool shop and the lit glass display cases glowed.  The signs for each item were in English and DUTCH!  This isn’t a German bakery, this is a Dutch bakery.  And I never knew.  Not only had I steered my in-laws to wonderful hometown bakery, but a Dutch one!   They even had a Dutch conversation with the proprietor.  I am their favorite daughter-in-law again.

July 8th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  A Dutch Bakery, coffee and a oliebollen for all.


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