The Daily EO: July 10th, 2012

I hit town today with a list of 14 items to get ready for our journey – slowly crossing off items.  It takes a while sometimes – as nothing I needed could all come from the same store.  And after a while I was tired.  Tired of searching through stores and driving to different places.  So, I got everything – except shampoo.  I wanted to purchase organic natural shampoo at a reasonable price and that would require another stop.

Heck.  I’ve got 1/2 a bottle at home.  We aren’t going to the desert – I’ll buy something on the road.  When I got home, I was getting vitamins out to pack and found exactly what I needed – a bottle of shampoo.

It was like a gift from myself.  I am not kidding, I will shout out “I love myself” when things like this happen.  Like when I found pumpkin chocolate chip loaf in the freezer.  Or when I find half done meals in the back of the fridge just when I trying to figure dinner.  Why am I so good to myself? 

July 10th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  A love letter from myself in the form of shampoo.



Author: Susan

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