The Daily EO: September 13th, 2012

I felt ambivalent about the drive to Vancouver the next day.  It’s long, but not really that long.  Long enough to listen to about 3 hours of music, 1 1/2 hours singing along to Ragtime – my favorite musical – and 3 vinyl café episodes.  But not so long that you need to start out at the break of dawn or drive into the night.  I had been somewhat anticipating the drive all week.  Emile left ahead of me, and I am anxious for things to get started.   But at the same time, I like Cranbrook and hanging out at home.

Home is stable.  It doesn’t require me to learn the streets, or figure out who my dentist will be.  I know where to get things, I know where to park if I want to head to the bank.  It’s easy because I lived it.  Vancouver not so much.

I put off packing much to my mother’s consternation.  She asked me several times if I needed help.  I think she didn’t like see things left undone when they could be . . . well.. .  done.

September 13, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Cranbrook isn’t home anymore.


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