The Daily EO: September 17th, 2012

All of my life – well save 6 or so years – is has been an accepted fact that my brother is the artist of the family.  And me not.  That is okay with me – I have many talents that have got me through so far.  He can just pick up a pencil and . . wel. . . draw.  It’s almost like the image was there the whole time and he is just tracing it.  It’s always proportional, identifiable and usually funny.

I cannot draw at all.  My stick men even look sick.   So, when Selina – who’s 7 – offered to give me an art lesson, I took her up on it.  Perhaps she would teach me something I didn’t know.  Alas, an art lesson to her was telling me what to draw and then critiquing it.  “That’s Pretty”, “I like pink” – you know very constructive statements.

She told me to draw a fairy, and so I did.  I drew a fairy flying in the night sky over evergreen trees, holding a wand, and wearing a pink ball gown.  It was pretty amateurish.  But I took my time – trying to set an example to the kids that you always do your best work even if you aren’t as good as someone else.  I coloured carefully in the lines, I drew five fingers on each hand and made sure there was twinkling stars in the sky.

September 17th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  “Flora the Fairy” blew these kids’ minds.  They clamoured for me to draw them one so they could colour it in.  They think I am a great draw-er.  I’ve just been hanging out with the wrong people.  Perspective.


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