The Daily EO: September 27th, 2012

Dear Future Employer,

I am excited to be getting back to work soon!  I plan to work hard and to make a difference.  But I am going to need some accommodations.  Over the last year, I have been unemployed and have become accustomed to certain things.  But I want this relationship to be successful!  So here are some things that I think might help us both – you will gain a focused and committed employee!

  1. I am concerned about working 5 days/week and all of them in a row.  I mean, if I work on a Tuesday, I don’t think it is reasonable for you to expect that I also come in on Wednesday.  And Fridays can be tough for anyone, so maybe I could get all of those off – but I’ll work most Thursdays in exchange.
  2. And while we are on the topic of days of work, lets talk about start time.  I’ve never been an morning person, so having a set start time could be difficult.  I’ll just come in when I wake up (and after I’ve worked out with my personal trainer now that I can afford one).  That way I don’t have to start my day with a jarring alert from an alarm clock.  I’ll be much more relaxed and well rested this way.
  3. There are several days I must leave early – days I am feeling stressed, when I am cooking brown rice for dinner (it takes a long time), Thursdays (so I can get off to my long weekends easier), when there is a major traffic snarl, and days that I need to get to the grocery store (I just hate shopping when it is busy)  I will give at least 15 minutes notice.
  4. Vacation is important – your team members are much more productive with downtime – and with six or seven weeks of vacation, I think I will be able to bring a clear and focused mind to work.
  5. Your professional office environment requires a certain level of dress and I want to fit in.  I would like to request a bi-weekly clothing allowance.  How much you provide determines the level of my professional dress.
  6. I may continue to do some consulting work on the side, this will not interfere with my work for your company about 75% of the time.

With these points – that you can see I’ve been quite reasonable – I think this is going to be a successful win-win relationship.  I look forward to your feedback!

Yours Sincerely,



Author: Susan

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