The Daily EO: October 13th, 2012

My car smells like IKEA. I don’t know how to describe that smell except woody or cardboardy. It’s universal similar to how Value Villages smell the same. I think I am an expert in this smell field of retail stores because I have lived in two provinces.

I understand why IKEA stores smell the same because all of those products come from some low cost geography allowing me to put pretty wine glasses on. But I am baffled by thrift stores. How is it possible with thousands of different donors that the scents all blend to smell the same?

But that is not the topic. My car smells like IKEA because we purchased a wardrobe and Besta storage for our condo. The wardrobe was 8 feet tall but we managed to get it in the car. I had to sit cross legged in the back seat but the truck door closed.

We awoke on Saturday morning facing the I appropriately heavy for size flat boxes. The wordless instructions were fairly clear and we managed to put together our items fairly easily.

I think IKEA has ruined us for other furniture. We think it should be cheap, come in flat boxes and be made of alternative building materials. Where are the antiques? The family heirlooms?

October 13th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary: another two cheap allan keys for my collection. Perhaps they could be the family collection in the safety deposit box.


Author: Susan

Susan has a lot to say about a lot of things.

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