The Daily EO: November 3rd, 2012

Punch List Updates

A new Kate Spade wallet: Can’t find one I like and that I am willing to pay the asking price for

Meet with a dietician/nutritionist:  Actually did that when I was unemployed because I found one that was free.  Um, it was okay, but didn’t live out to expectations.

Finally finding a financial adviser (who does not work on commission):  I still haven’t done this yet.  Anyone got a good name for me?

Hire a personal shopper:  Selected, we are going to be meeting in the Spring when I stop storing my underwear in a box on the window sill and buy a dresser. (I can’t let her see me like this)

Regularly threaded eyebrows at Gee Beauty:  Well, Donna Lucia at 1/3 of the price is working very nicely for me.   Gee is a bit far now.

A new can opener:  After 4 weeks of using my “3 chicks and a Cat” swiss army knife to open cans, I bought a new gliding can opener at London Drugs.

November 3rd, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Crossing out items on my punch list and beyond (because a facial wasn’t listed on there).


Author: Susan

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