The Daily EO: February 3rd, 2013

My grandpa has been confined for 2 weeks.  No leaving his suite, no visitors, no internet, no reading, no excursions. I dare you to spend 14 days in your apartment with nothing to do but watch TV (just basic cable).  You don’t know how to use a smart phone, computers are for young people, and you can’t see well enough to read.  You can call people – but really, what have you got to say?  You haven’t left your room in days.

Laundry?  No, that’s off limits too.

So Grandpa slept. And made soup out of his delivered meals.  And slept some more.  Then called us to tell us things he had already told us.

Why did this terrible thing happen to him?

While the retirement residence he lives in had an outbreak of the Norwalk virus and they needed to keep their vulnerable population away from each other and well meaning but potentially infected visitors.

When he finally was allowed out, he treated me and Emile to a lovely meal at The Boathouse in New Westminster Quay to celebrate.

February 3rd, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  If Quarantine and cabin fever ends with a perfectly done steak, I think I’ll sign him up again.


Author: Susan

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