The Daily EO: February 14th, 2013

After spending all day Wednesday wearing contact lens and having my hair down (as usual), something needed to change.  I wear my contact lenses 24/7 for two weeks, then I rest my eyes for 12 hours and put in a new pair.  This tends to work well except when I spend 6 hours typing handwritten data into spreadsheets.  Between my hair hanging in my face while I typed and read and my eyes going buggy, I was rather annoyed with myself.

I did use a green paperclip to hold my hair back, but that looked awfully bizarre especially when I left my office to walk around.  So today, I pulled out my old terribly scratched up glasses with a 15 year old prescription and used a bobby pin to more artfully pin back my hair.

Trying to rock the sexy librarian look did not work out.   My glasses made my face greasy, my lenses were foggy, the bridge of my nose hurt, the sides of my head ached and not just one person said “Hey, I didn’t know you wore glasses”.  That combined with me frothing at the mouth and losing sleep about the inventory I was working on, I was about ready to go home.

When I finally did get home (at 9:30 pm), Emile said “Hey, wearing your glasses today!”

February 14th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  Sigh.  At least glasses hide the bags under your eyes.



Author: Susan

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