The Daily EO: April 5th, 2013

I had the highest number of views of The Daily EO today than I have ever had.  Higher than the Cranbrook Wind Storm, Higher than my Vegan Caesar Salad Recipe, higher than my Burberry Sunglasses dilemma, higher than our drive through Sturgis during the Motorcycle Rally!  It’s 84 –  a record (that doesn’t include all of you email people).  But looking deeper into this, it appears I didn’t have an extraordinary number of visitors, just views.  So somebody out there is really, really interested in me.  Or something that I wrote about.  Which – in even further investigation – appears to be Emile’s Spring Flower pictures.

This reminds me greatly of all the children I know.  They like me, sure, but the LOVE Emile.  When I show up, they say “Hi.”  pause “Where’s Emile?”  This is until Emile gets all parental on them (he has very firm rules), and then they freaked out for a bit, but given enough time, they are back at loving him again.

So, I got 84 views, but it was really Emile’s work that earned it.

April 5th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  If you can’t get it done yourself, steal something from someone else.


Author: Susan

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