The Daily EO: April 17th, 2013

I can barely hold my arms and head up to type tonight.  It isn’t from sickness or tiredness – though I am both – it is from languidness.  My shoulders have the satisfying ache from use, I smell really good and I am well moisturized.  My skin feels just right to be in, and I have a bit of the feeling Burt Reynolds would had with those boots in Striptease.  Which causes me to twitch my toes back and forth.

Ever since I discovered that I had benefits that covered massage back at Celestica, I’ve been getting massages regularly.  Not salon massages – the best ones are from RMTs that have their own practice.  And last year when Emile and I were happily using up the maximum amount of benefits before he got laid off – well, I had a massage every 2 weeks.

I like my new RMT here – she is just around the block – and she likes to press hard.  I can’t say I enjoy every minutes of that, but I find it a challenge to take the pain without wincing or jerking.  And then afterward my muscles feel accomplished and well worked.

April 17th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  Feeling pretty good for the first time in a week.



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