The Daily EO: April 20th, 2013

I’ve been sick – yes, yes, I know I’ve told you – but my looginess resulted in a couple of funny things today picking up our race kits for the Sun Run:

First I approached the girl to get my bib number.  She looked up my name and told me my number.  Then she looked at me and said “You are a white.”  My addled mind hesitated on this piece of information as it seemed direct and almost rude.  I looked back at her and wondered what the appropriate response would be.  The words were out of my mouth “Yes, I am white .. .” when I realized that she – despite the differences between me and her Asian background – was not pointing out to me that I am Caucasian, but instead telling me that my bib category and colour was “White”.  I quickly amended my phasing to “Yes, I am white. . . A white.”  I casually walked away hoping she didn’t notice my gaff.

Later, while swinging through the shopping area and free sample section, I was admiring some work out clothes on a couple of mannequins.  In my defence, I had been too lazy to put my contacts in that morning (thought they are somewhat weak).  So, when of the mannequins moved and offered me a free sample of Milk 2 Go Sport edition, I jumped back about 1 foot.  The pure white and headless female mannequins had little in common with the fleshy and shorter male offering samples.  Everyone at the booth thought it was hilarious.  I tried to be cool – strolling up and take the aforementioned sample – and moved along as they compared white mannequin skin with human flesh tone.  Hoping the stadium lights hid my blushing cheeks.

I need to lay down.

April 20th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  Honestly.  What is wrong with me?


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