The Daily EO: May 15th, 2013

When I was a teenager, I lived in a ski town. Most of my friends or friends’ friends were accomplished skiers who could easily navigate an icy slope, expertly sweep through deep powder or carve a beauty line down steep moguls. I on the other hand, could do none of those things.

They mocked me mercilessly. Well, not really, but when you lack the knowledge and the skill – ski conversations get a little exclusive – with me on the outside.

My family did not ski – so my brother and I didn’t get strapped in when i was a baby and thrown down a hill. We both skied with friends and in school programs but when You don’t have a season pass or your own equipment, it makes it more of a costly ordeal. I also have an innate sense of body safety so lacked the drive to really charge a hill.

My friends all owned their own equipment and apparel – from all “the” brands – rossingnal, spyder, Helly Hanson, etc that I did not. And after a while I began to believe that this was important I did not – these are brands that I hadn’t earned yet. I could ski – make it down a ski hill, yes – but I was not a skier.

So – I had good quality jackets, boots and gloves that were more suited to general warmth and than anything for a specific purpose.

To this day, I lack snow pants or ski gloves, goggles, helmet (they make people where these for skiing nowadays…weird), and all the stuff needed for a fun day at the slopes. I am not a skier – just someone that could ski if called upon to do so.

I walked down Granville on Saturday doing mostly window shopping, and some browsing. I was kinda looking for a couple of things, but not intently. I wandered into stores looking, fingering, and enjoying a leisurely stroll down the shopping district.

I found myself in a store with the mos perfect long sleeve – yet aired out running shirt. Pink highlights that matched my shoes, long enough to not ride up and with a half zip. Will it fit, will it make me feel how I want to feel? It was full price – and I hate paying retail – but I tried it anyways.

And it did fit, I loved the feel, the fit and at that point I could care less about the price!

I happily picked up my purchase – fought the urge to announce to the clerk “I am a runner”- and walked out with a little more brisk pace.

May 15th Extra-Ordinary: The long way around but I finally I too have what I thought I wanted then. But I earned it:



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