The Daily EO: June 20th, 2013

Recently, my friend Dianna stopped by for a visit on her way to China.  She travels there often for business and Vancouver is a nice stop over from Ontario – especially when she has never been to Vancouver before.  We spent a lot of time hanging out, walking through the city and catching up.  Our her last night here, we went to Steamworks Pub (not Steamworks Bath House which is altogether a different place and would not be of interest to either of us).

After a long day of walking, some refreshments were needed, so quickly drinks were consumed and of course, then trips to the bathrooms.  Steamworks bathroom is quite nice – large and the stalls are made of highly finished – and reflective – wood product.  I wandered down the aisle looking for the best stall.  I am not really sure I one knows, but you just know which stall is appropriate.

I was half way down the aisle when I noticed a sign on one of the stall doors.  It looked like this:


I stopped, and hesitated.  It couldn’t mean. . ?  I slowly pushed the door open and discovered this:

photo 1
Blurry – a couple of White Russians.

Two toilets in one stall with a small dividing wall for . . . um. . . privacy?  I asked my friend Dianna to join me for a demonstration.  Because as you may recall – the wood was HIGHLY reflective.  So, this is what you would see whilst using the stall. (don’t be afraid to look at the picture.  We kept our pants on – this is a demonstration only).

photo 2
We were high fiving, but the mirror like reflective surface bounced back my flash

June 20th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  There is a stereotype about women going to the bathroom together – and it may be true – but it does not mean we Go to the Bathroom together.  Weird.


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