The Daily EO: February 21, 2016

My husband’s boss has the last name of “Dick”.  I know, I am not in Grade 5 any longer, so I should not snigger at it, but let’s just say I am happy with my occasionally mispronounced last name that has no meaning in the English language.  But my husband’s boss, she . . . yes, she – were you assuming she was a man? . . . anyways. . . SHE has a niece who is trying to get into the 2016 Olympics as part of the Trinidad Tobago gymnastics team.

My husband’s boss’s niece gymnast also created a new move that has been recently been recognized by the gymnastics body (I can’t do a backwards roll and you think that I know the name of the official gymnastics governing body?), and she successfully performed her new move in competition.

I cheer for her success, her ingenuity, and her talent.  Come on 2016 Rio!  I am such a sucker for Olympic stories!   But – perhaps due to my recent change in employment status and the feeling of malfeasance that lingers for now – I cheered the most for her chutzpah.  Because when you create a move, you get to name it.

February 21 2016 Extra-Ordinary:   The Dick Move





Author: Susan

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2 thoughts on “The Daily EO: February 21, 2016”

  1. Hi again, I watched this gal perform the Dick move on the news and was totally amazed by her and it…OUCH! K.

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