The Daily EO: April 4th, 2012

My very first post was about my cat.  But I get that he is a cat.  He stays home on vacation, he eats cat food (for the most part), and I don’t dress him in miniature sweaters (much to his relief – he so couldn’t live it down for his cat friends).  He’s a cat, not a child.   Given that I am at home a lot, I spend more time with our cat than my husband does.  Our cat – Beavis – is about 13 years now.  He is pretty social, and always wants to be with a person – especially us.  If we were away for the weekend, he is especially clingy.  But his love for us shines most when he is hungry.  You get the epic purring, the head-rubs, the ankle hugs, the whole bit.  Seriously Beavis, use your little cat brain – we see through this façade.

Our cat is prone to hair balls so now and then he has a hacking fit.  And the sometimes terrific end of this hacking is about once a month he departs himself from breakfast.  Such a day happened today.   Enough said, but it left our cat hungry – and therefore affectionate.  So, while I went about my business – applying for jobs, cooking dinner, using the computer, etc – Beavis did not leave my side.  He wanted to sit on the keyboard, he wanted to sit on my lap.  He wanted to cuddle with me, he always wanted to be in the same room.

I drink a lot of tea – especially in Damn You Fit April.  The side effect of drinking a lot of tea is needing to use the washroom often.  In case you were wondering, I sit down to pee.  No, this is not an invitation to let me know what you do, just you need to know this for the story.  Given that I was home alone for the day, I don’t close the door while using the bathroom.   Perhaps I should have.

Hungry Beavis followed me in every time.  Watching me.  Purring.  It was disturbing, yet not so much that I closed the door on subsequent visits.

Mid afternoon when he jumped on my lap whilst I was peeing to show his love, I started closing the door.

April 4th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Having to worry about getting cat hair in places you don’t want to think about.