The Daily EO: June 25th, 2012

It’s moving time again.  I’m no stranger to it – in fact, I am very good at moving.  I’m organized, well packed and pretty good about not holding to things I no longer want or use.  My furniture is a bit weathered and carries the scars of moving people not caring about my stuff as much as I do.  They try, but if you stuff a truck full, something is bound to get scuffed.  We need to move by the end of August, and I already have half the house packed, and the packing supplies required to do the second half.

There is a plan for the cat; a system for labeling, packing and unpacking; storage units selected; and plans to review clothes, possessions and furniture for weeding out.

Yeah.  I am really good at moving.  How did I get this way?  Well, a review of my mailing addresses in my first 38 years may help to explain:

Mom’s House, Cranbrook, BC (19 years)
University of Victory Residence (8 months)
Mom’s House, Cranbrook, BC (4 months)
Condo with roommate, Victoria, BC (1 Year)
Townhouse with roommates, Victoria, BC (1 year)
McMaster University Residence, Hamilton, Ontario (4 months)
Brampton, Ontario (4 months)
Hamilton, Ontario (4 months)
Mississauga, Ontario (4 months)
Hamilton, Ontario (4 months)
Toronto, Ontario (4 months)
Hamilton, Ontario (4 months)
First apartment alone, Toronto, Ontario (3 years)
Toronto, Ontario (2 years)
Comfort Inn, Huntsville, Ontario (2 months)
Grandview Resort, Huntsville, Ontario (2 weeks)
First Owned Home, Huntsville, Ontario (5 years)
Furnished Apartment, Penetanguishine, Ontario (2 months)
Midland, Ontario (18 months)
Grandview Resort, Huntsville, Ontario (1 month)
Current rental home, Huntsville, Ontario (8 months and counting)
??, ?? (??)

June 25th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  This is ridiculous!