March 1, 2012

We’ve come to an uneasy truce my body and me.  I am not talking in general – although I have accepted Mom’s family’s fat fingers and thighs after many years.  I have one lazy eye, my teeth are artificially straight, and my skin just longs for the drying interior of BC air.  More importantly, I don’t get sick often, I suffer from no afflictions and in general, I am amazed with what my body can do.  I try to treat it well with exercise, enough sleep, and good foods.  But this truce I speak of is of today’s fragility compared to yesterday’s disaster.
When I woke up with the flu (or food poisoning?) yesterday – I’ll admit I felt betrayed by my own body.  Seriously, this is not how my body is supposed to function and I am not enjoying it.  I will not get into details, but will only tell you that it was the first time I actually used one of the those white bags on the plane.  (Emile says it was only for spit, but I’ll tell you, I was very thankful for it).  I spent the whole day in bed only arising when needed and had the longest 1 1/2 hour plane ride of my life. 
Extra-Ordinary March 1st, 2012 Event:  Feeling SO good today which is really quite below average on any other given day.