The Daily EO: June 7th, 2012

I mentioned in May that I contacted a local paper to give a donation to a woman they had featured that was struggling making ends meet.  I purchased a $25 gift card from the grocery store and wrote her a personal note.  I awaiting the editor’s response so I could mail it to her.  I was feeling good – I had never done this before and I was hoping this woman might feel like someone actually cared in the community.  She mentioned in the article that she was unable to afford salmon and scallops and I thought perhaps she could have a little treat.

First off, I must tell you where my head was on Thursday morning – it was bucket deep in a pity party.  I awoke feeling tired and cranky and with little to accomplish that day.  I was bored, restless, unengaged, frustrated, pissy, and unappreciated.  I curled up with the cat and watched the last 4 episodes of the recent season of Grey’s Anatomy.  Hmmm.  I didn’t feel better (crushed under an airplane?).

Then I got an email from the editor of the paper.  Good News! – and I could carry out something positive this bleak day.  But the editor said the woman in the article agreed to the interview to get help for all seniors – not just for herself.   And so she had refused my offer.  So I guess before this woman will accept a small gift from me, I need to purchase gift cards for all the Muskoka seniors.  Either that, get elected as an MP and push through a private member’s bill to change all the caps on Canada Pension so no seniors will be struggling.  Then I could give this woman a $25 card.

Blah.  Crappy day.  Friday will be better.

June 7th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  I’m spending my gift certificate and I will pretend it was a gift from a well-meaning person of the community who actually cared about me.  Thank you, self.