The Daily EO: March 21st, 2013

I’ve never really got into the Groupon, Wagjag and other social savings things.  I am not sure what it is, perhaps I don’t like being part of a crowd.  And really, when you live in a small town, the offerings are pretty slim.  Emile convinced me to sign up for Groupon, and every day I get some mostly ignored email telling me about Indian food or fitness classes or facials.  Which usually goes right into garbage.

It had not been one of my best weeks, or best days for that matter, so I decided to read my “exclusive” Groupon mail to distract me from the fact that it was 5:15 pm – on a day I was planning to sneak out early – waiting for the customs broker to find the FDA import number for a critical shipment.  It was “spend $5 to get a $10 gift certificate at Starbucks”.  Now, I go to Starbucks.   I also go to Tim Horton’s.  The difference to me is that Starbucks is for when I am trying to aspire to something (what, I don’t know yet) and Tim Horton’s is for when I realize I don’t need to aspire.

And I am also Starbuck’s worst customer – never buy food, always insist on saying large (not Starbucks made up language), and always buy the cheapest item – a tea for $2.18.

So, when I read the fine print and all seemed on the up and up, I decided that this purchase would probably be the most satisfying thing I do all week.  Saving my $5 and topping up my Starbucks card. So I went for it.

Over the weekend I went into a Starbucks to buy one of my cheap – and 50% off – tea.  I was then asked to do a survey.  If I went home and completed the survey, I would get a drink code good for one tall small beverage.  Okay.  So I did.

But I am not a dummy – no no!  I gave the coupon to my husband to spend on a more premium item  – like a hot chocolate – because don’t waste it on tea!

March 21st, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  Converted $1.09 into $5.00.  And I was right, it was one of the few satisfying items from that weekend.


The Daily EO: November 6th, 2012

Emile had I sat down to do the meal planning over the weekend which is something we haven’t really done before.  But with me working and commuting and he working a long day, meals were becoming carb festivals laden with more calories than either of us wanted.  So we planned.

I would do the grocery shopping in the suburbs at my work and Emile would do the prepping.  So, I hit Safeway tonight – strategically picked because the first Tuesday of the month is Customer Appreciation Day.  That means you can pick:  10% off or 20X the airmiles.

I purchased items like a normal person – I am not one of those crazies with 500 coupons for .50 off toothbrushes.  I bought only what we needed for dinner and restocking our pantry.

November 6th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  $100 of groceries sale prices – coupons – $5 coupon from Entertainment book.  All paid with a gift card purchasesdwith an 8% discount = $57 for food this week + Air Miless