The Daily EO: March 12th, 2013

I visited a walk-in clinic this weekend to renew a prescription.  I found a couple of them downtown that were open on Saturdays.  I went to the one that advertised on their website to that they were open at 9:30 am, so I started with that one.  What is it with websites these days – update them if your info changes.  That is the point of a website – remember the printed word?  How expensive and painful it was to change?   Turns out that particular clinic was not open at all on Saturdays.  So, I walked up to Yaletown – which seems to be my primary location for all things self maintenance – to find another clinic that opened at 10 am.  I got there 25 minutes early and found no-one outside, so headed up to a coffee shop to get a waiting tea.  I was back at 9:45 am sitting on the stoop out front.  While I waited, several other patients arrived to wait.

There was one man with a cast on his leg.  And another family with small children.  I edged closer to the door so as to ensure that these interlopers – no matter how needy they might look in comparison to me – could not squirm in front of me.

When the door was unlocked – 5 minutes early – I casually leapt in front of the others.  Bad leg?  I don’t care.  Screaming kid?  No my problem.  You look pretty healthy buddy, you can wait.  (the irony of my healthy look is lost on me).

May 12th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  First in, First on the list, and yet I didn’t see a doctor until 10:20 am.