The Daily EO: May 20th, 2012

I had one of those bad dreams this morning that jolt you out of sleep, taking you a couple of minutes to determine whether it actually happened.  I have weird dreams sometimes, but I occasionally have bad dreams in the early morning hours.  These bad dreams – while somewhat bizarre – seem to be based on real life with a twist.  And that is why they linger with me after I am up – and I usually cannot get back to sleep afterwards.

In today’s dream, I was married to Emile and for some reason travelling with only my in-laws.  I lived in Toronto, and had “re-joined” the ranks of the business people.  I had my wedding rings on (the ones I have in real life) and I entered my alumni gathering place with my father-in-law.  Now for some reason, this alumni gathering place was a restaurant, conference center and water park all in one.  Bizarre –  but doesn’t break the laws of physics or anything.  I ran into an ex-boyfriend at this meeting place who was upset to find out I had married.  I guess I should have pined away for him or something.   You broke up with me, buddy!  Although, as I recall, he got pretty upset when I started dating someone else later.

Anyways, he began a tirade that hit every fear, worry, concern, insecurity and embarrassment that I have ever had.  And remember, this was a dream I was making up, so my ex-boyfriend really DID know all that stuff.  In real life, I don’t think he ever was that astute.

It awoke me abruptly at 7:00 am with no chance of going back to sleep leaving a melancholy ponderance that lasted all morning.

May 20th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:   My brain turning against me in the wee hours of the morning, and then trying to blame it on my ex-boyfriend.

Maintenance May Day 20:
Cooked Vegan Rice Crispie Squares and Vegan Fresh Spring Rolls with a friend to determine catering viability. (career?/friendship)
Heart-to-heart with my mother who refused to tell me what I should do – telling me only to do what my heart said.  (career/family)