The Daily EO: March 22, 2012

Spring has gloriously started in Muskoka.  Early this year.  I hate Spring.

I hate the uncovering of the rotten grass and leaves that remind you of your laziness from the fall.

The sand all over the place.

Your pasty pale skin.  Other people’s pale pasty skin jammed into the shorts that “shrunk” over the winter.

The budding of the leaves reminding you that eventually you will have to garden whether you like it or not.

The sloppy puddles, the muddy earth.

Every year, I wait for April and May to pass quickly until we can get on with business – get to the real seasons of Summer, Autumn and Winter.  There are those that will claim that Spring is a time of rebirth, starting anew, the winter scourge pulling back and allowing the world to reblossom.   Horsefeathers!  Everyone knows that September is the time for a new year to start – ask all the kids and parents.  They know life begins again with the school bell.  And the gyms and the department stores – they know that January is the time of restarts for firm bodies and fresh sheets.   Spring, I could skip.

Inspired by the Summer-like temperatures in March indicating that perhaps we are condensing Spring this year, I decided to celebrate.  Yesterday, celebrating meant having a Green Monster smoothie, slapping on some exercise clothes and heading to Grandview Resort for some outdoor exercise.  (after all, I would have it all to myself).

I have not been exercising regularly, in fact, not enough, but summer inspired me to get moving already.  (I will not be the victim of the shrunken shorts).

It was a beautiful day, and the sun was shining off the water and ice.  As there is nobody working at Grandview now, the place was a spring disaster (see Spring Hate notes above), but the landscape still holds the inherant beauty.  I walked down the hills, sprinted up the stairs, actually lifted rocks (we will not talk about the spider that caused me to hurl a rock impressively far across the beach) and generally tried to get a bit of a sweat going.

Grandview has three docks on their main beach and I decided I would do lunges down and back on all three.  I was half done the first dock when my brain started receiving frantic signals from my thighs and butt:   “Is this the bridge?  Captain, we’re in trouble!  There are micro-tears causing chaos in the muscles, the joints canna take much more.  You’ve gotta shut it down!”

My brain said “Push beyond the limits then.  We’ve got to  . . .  hold on”

And keep going we all did.  There was breaks between each dock, but each one had a deep lunge right to the end of the dock and back again.  As I returned up the hill, my legs seemed wiggly , but that was as expected – I really worked up a sweat.

Today is garbage day and Emile sometimes wakes me up with the rattling of the recycling.  I let him think that he woke me up with the noise, as the truth is a bit embarrassing.   It was my thighs and butt.  They were screaming.  They won’t move properly when directed by the brain and I walk with a bit of a shuffle.  And just forget about stairs.

I hate Spring.

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