The Daily EO: August 25th, 2012

I slept fitfully the night before – nervous about the garage sale.  Yes, nervous about a garage sale.  I worried that nobody would want my stuff – cast-offs yes, but my things that I had gathered in my life.   I wanted all this effort to be worth it.  But I am always anxious about something I plan going well.  I am not casual, nor spontaneous.  I plan and worry and reconsider.

You can make bets with yourself about what will sell and what won’t – and you’re always wrong.  I mean, I would have never guessed that all of my paperbacks would go, or that nobody wanted Ansel Adams prints that were mounted beautifully and in perfect condition.

Turns out about 5 other houses along the road were also having garage sales so the traffic was brisk.  Some wackos, some friendlys and cheapos of course.  Can you have a garage sale without someone negotiating on the 25-cent items?

And the garage door opened.

August 25th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Stuff turning into $800.


The Daily EO: August 24th, 2012

Today I started to cry because I couldn’t get the garage door open.  Not the garage door at my house, but at a friend’s house.  ON the other side of that door was the contents of my garage sale.  One that I had spent most of the day setting up and pricing.   I am not prone to crying that much – though I admit cell phone commercials tend to get me – but it was just the middle of a series of long days without relief for a week yet.  I am so tired.

The garage has a “human” door as well, but I had set up tables for things very close on the inside, so I could only get it open about 6 inches.  Fortunately, enough to squeeze inside, but getting myself dirty.  But at least I was inside.

My husband had run a marathon of his own that day.  He sprinted to the city for a last minute job interview, then made his way back to pack, approve my pricing at the sale (yes, really), and then head out to the bush for a fishing/farting/ATVing weekend with the boys.  Yes, he left me with garage sale (which I said was fine – stupid me).  And because of this job interview, left all the set-up to me too.  I wonder if he just put on his suit and went to hang out in a park just to get out of it.  Because it sucked.  Really sucked.

So, here I am yanking on a garage door with nobody to help me.  My husband had left, the owners of the garage were both away for the weekend.  HELLO?  HEllo. . . Hello. . . .hello. . .  I could see tumbleweeds rolling by.  I squinted in the sun.  I was selling a crowbar, I tried that.   I was selling a hammer, I tried that.  Stupid, stupid, stupid door.

Okay, I am just going sit for a minute and calmly think this through.  A calming pause.   Wait!  Look there!  An instruction manual by the door.  I’m reading it cover to cover.

The springs. .  pulleys. . . .okay, rollers…..  The Springs aren’t aligned!!  Two of the rollers have also pulled out of the track.  I can fix this.

August 24th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Getting that damn door up with elbow grease and greasy fingers was pretty good.  But brave enough with my repair to close it knowing I’d have to get it open first thing in the morning too – that’s extra-ordinary.