The Daily EO: January 22nd, 2013

Tuesday night I ambled 1 block north of my place to get my haircut.  I like this system.  I previously drove 175 kms to get my haircut and that was a little annoying and time consuming.  But really, finding a good salon is hard – and I passed through Toronto enough to co-ordinate it usually with something else.

But now, it is a 1 block away.  And now, it isn’t just one block away, it is also an Aveda Teaching Salon, so I can get my hair cut for half price.  It takes longer and you can’t always be guaranteed of what who you’re going to get.  But everyone is supervised by an Aveda Instructor, and well, hair grows back.  And if you don’t agree, well, I probably will not find you sitting in a chair across from there.

So, I have had all good experiences there except one that was only okay.  Firstly, the girl – we’ll call her Sara – should have been a Swedish masseuse.  Her head massage hurt, her combing hurt and her cutting hurt.  And I wasn’t too too crazy about the haircut.  (she cut it bluntly by sight across my ears).  So, every time I made an appointment subsequently, I ask who it will be with and have been able to not get Sara by just selecting another person when I’ve had the choice.  I didn’t really want to complain about her and the haircut wasn’t terrible.

So, when I showed up and they said “Hi Susan, you have a hair cut with Sara at 6:30, I see”, I was taken aback.  I then had to actually say it was with someone else.  And then I drop to a whisper to explain that I didn’t want Sara tearing at my head again.

January 22nd, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:   Rescheduled hair appointment for Friday night without Sara – and no charge.

The Daily EO: September 19th, 2012

I needed to head into the “city” to look at a loft for rent and to finally get my hair cut.  Thank god – I do have back-of-head dysmorphia.  I am always convinced I have grown a horribly hairy neck and that I look a mess from the back.  So, after nearly 2 months of not cutting my hair, I was excited to get my hair cut in shiny Yaletown.

The hairdresser came recommended to me by my aunt.  The stylist kept a running commentary from the minute I sat down until she shook my hand goodbye.  Everything from apartment hunting, Vegas, cute guys, Forever 21, and partying.   I think I like my hair, but whoa!

Anyways, afterwards Emile and I checked out the loft and found it was too expensive for what we were getting.  At least what we thought.  I am sure someone will pay it.  Not us though.

When you are new to town, you have to count on the opinions of others to find your places.  Hence my aunt stylist recommendation.  But soon you need to move onto the anonymous.  I hit Yelp! for a recommendation for “cheap dinner” and the people gave me three choices nearby:  Save-on-Meats, Salt and Shizen Ya.  We decided to skip sushi for tonight and find Salt.  It sounded interesting.

Salt Tasting Room is located in Gastown the historic heart of Vancouver.  It’s darker, it’s grittier and it represents more of the city.  The restaurant we were looking for is located on Blood Alley – which really sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

And an alley it is.  Complete with dumpsters and those you need to dig in them.  And yes, there was a gentleman there who was digging.

We were early for supper and so the place was pretty empty.  Essentially Salt is a charcurterie restaurant – no kitchen – they only serve sausage, cheese, condiments, some desserts, wine and beer.  We choose the “BC Plate” to eat some delicious local delights and paired it with a flight of wine.  The servers were friendly and knowledgable.  The food was good.

We sipped, we nibbled.

I felt so urbane, so sophisticated sitting in an alley, eating honeycomb and chevre, and sausage with quince paste and guiness mustard.  It was the chic downtown vibe I wanted – the desire that has been fighting against the more logical and practical  rentals in the suburbs.

September 19th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:   You know, I could live here.