February 21, 2012

I got 3 hours sleep last night.  Or 4.  I know I saw the clock at 1:37 am and got up promptly at 5:30 am.   I was having weird dreams about Captain Hawkeye Pearce so I don’t think those count as REM sleep.

 I am here at the airport awaiting my flight.  Emile and I left Huntsville at 6 am so I could get to a meeting in Toronto at 9  am.  I do not like seeing that side of dawn. 

 There is a funny detached feeling I get when I have had such little sleep. It allows me to function despite my inability to remember basic facts like the day or what gate I am leaving from. But I can sit and read, do a crossword, and be calm despite my plane being a bit delayed. I have a slight glaze to my eye and conversations are a bit choppy. I am pretty agreeable too – if the Pita guy asks me if I want a smoothie combo with my pita, I agree. Problem is then I can’t make a decision and order something out of the ordinary. Like a immune booster which featured echinechia, bee pollen and other strange things. ( I already had a Perrier in hand too.)

 If I have had only 6 hours sleep watch out. I am crabby, cannot concentrate, and wish desperately for a bed. The magical properties that keep me functioning with 3 hours are not applied in this case. My food choices must be from the sin food groups – bad fat, sugar or refined carbohydrates. I eat and grumble, fall asleep drooling, and am too tired to do anything.

 It’s 5  am Vancouver time now because I went to bed at 8 pm. After the immediate tasks at hand were completed my magical “3 hours only” powers begin to dissipate.  I collapse instantly.

 February 21 Extra-ordinary Event: Keeping awake to 8 pm- it must have been the bee pollen.