The Daily EO: August 19th, 2012

I received a postcard from someone who lives in Malaysia who had vacationed in Thailand.  She took a picture of part of the culture and then told me a story about it on the back:

Fav Postcard from Thailand

She told me that the Thai believe that the protective spirits live all around us, but to keep them happy and satisfied, the areas they live must be decorated.  So they tie bright bands of clothes around objects.

I don’t know this person, she just sent me a card via and so far this is my favorite.  I’m getting greetings from around the world and sending my own.  16 sent and 13 received!  Here is my pie chart so far:

August 19th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Getting a homemade postcard and learning something about the Thai culture.  Trips to the mailbox have such potential.


The Daily EO: June 27th, 2012

I received a postcard via Postcrossing from Germany today.  Aschaffenburg.   It’s a city in Bavaria.  It is a fairly typical card – several pictures of city views and a fairly generic comment on the back.  But I am thrilled!  I have it on our fridge – which means a lot because my husband hates having things on the fridge.  He doesn’t like the clutter.  I think that why he insisted on a stainless steel fridge on the last go round.   I had no idea stainless steel is not magnetic until that fridge.  And my dad was a metallurgical engineer.  How embarrassing for the family.  Anyways.

I also sent a postcard to Germany 5 days ago (to a different person) – from Huntsville! – and it was received in 4 days!   I think the Germans have a very efficient postal system – through experience I know the mail here in Huntsville can be a little dodgy.  You know with that mail carrier storing 4 or 5 bags of mail at his apartment a couple of times.

An aside.  I discussed Beowulf with my husband tonight.  I explained what Mr. Dickerson explained to me in high school.  Bragging in Norse culture is akin to making a public declaration.  If you lose your nerve in the face of Beowulf, perhaps the thought of dishonouring yourself after telling everyone how great of a warrior you are, will steady your sword hand.

Why am I telling you this?  I don’t really know.  Perhaps I want you to know I know Beowulf.  And that is enough for today.

June 27th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Mail excitement has hit an all time high around here.  You just never know what is coming through the slot.  (try reading that aloud out of context in a mixed company)