The Daily EO: June 13th, 2013

I’m finally back.  And a difficult time it has been.  Year End, then inventory, and demand explosions at work and my grandma being admitted to the hospital in my personal life.  I haven’t been sleeping much, simply spending hours sitting in the hospital listening to detailed explanations of lunch or working late into the night trying to cram 10,000 units in a shift that only has the capacity to run 7,000 units.  Surely, if everyone just skipped lunch and worked a little faster.. . .

Grandma is out of the hospital – and all chipper and relaxed after a week of people taking care of her –  and I actually decided that the cramming could stop for tonight.

I drove home today and had little recollection of driving on the highway to get this far.  I thought this might be dangerous and vowed to myself that an early night was in order.  As I turned the corner off McGill onto Powell, there was a Kangaroo standing on the corner.   I considered how hungry I was, and thought perhaps that it was time for me to take in some food, get some sleep, and try to relax.   Perhaps then I will stop seeing foreign animals on the street.

This kangaroo was standing there with a man who was pushing a baby carriage.  And it didn’t seem particularly pouchy or jumpy.  But there she was – standing there in mid June – hanging out on the street corner wearing a thick kangaroo costume like it was a normal thing to do.  Whatever works.

June 13th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:   Just because you see an Australia Marsupial doesn’t mean you need to better manage your stress.  But it could.