The Daily EO: November 9th, 2012

I make a great effort to eat a healthy lunch each day at work.  That mainly starts with building a good lunch the night before.  I hate wasting time on things in the morning that extraneous – like lunches or reading the newspaper.  I’m up and gone.

I’ve worked long enough to know that unless I am having a strangely quiet day, the chance are slim that I will leave the building to get lunch.  If I don’t bring one, I will not eat.  And that can lead to me crying at my desk at 3:37 pm.  Not good.

But today, I didn’t back a lunch.  I didn’t feel like it Thursday night – exhausted – and Friday I couldn’t find any lunch-y foods in the fridge (translation:  there wasn’t a prepared lunch in the fridge).  It was no matter however, I was heading in early to take care of several items, and the week was drawing to a close.  I would make time to find some healthy food for lunch.  Maybe even buy some safety shoes.

From the minute I got in, it was busy.  Review the demand and machine capacity for this.  Track down this parcel.  Attend this meeting.  Review incoming material for pea protein.   Discuss with customer.  Tour the warehouse with supervisor.  It went on and on.  Do this.  Undo that.  Redo it.  Change of Plans.  Oh, book a truck.  Get overtime coverage.  Redo it again.  Talk to DHL and UPS several times (couriers are my Achille’s heel).  Answer the phone.  Cell Phone rings while on phone.   Sweat.  Stress.

Honestly.  By the time that the rumbling of my stomach actually got through to my brain, it was 1:33.   I work in an industrial park, so not sure where I thought I was going to get healthy food.  But I managed to get to Wendy’s, and I was ashamed to say that I really wanted to say “Get me  Double Burger with fries and a Diet Coke.  And you know what, Dave?  Supersize it.”  But I resisted, and instead ordered 1 junior bacon cheese burger and 1 small fries.  Well, at the last minute it was 2 burgers.

But as I sat in my car awaiting my turn at the speaker, I noticed a sign that Wendy’s had put up especially for me.  Here I was trying to hold it together by dashing out to get something to eat and take a few calming breathes to just get through to the end of the day.  And here they are taunting me.  Upside down no less.  I’m trying to hold it together here, people!!

November 9th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary: