The Daily EO: July 20th, 2013

I love exploring food despite my long list of dislikes.  Though annoyingly trendy, I like reading food blogs and see all the things that people are experimenting with.  If you wanted to bake a cake 25 years ago, you had sugar, flour, milk, eggs, vanilla and you were done with it.  Now people are using different flours, beans, sweet potatoes, plantains, almond milk, beets, etc, etc and making everything more interesting.

Emile went to a party last night and that left me at home to try to catch up on all the work I had to do – plus spend some time reading JK Rowling’s recently outed book (though I didn’t really want to be so trendy again like the rest of the world clamouring after a book because we now know who Robert Galbraith is), and read some of my favorite food blogs.  I told you about Emile’s quest for the perfect pancake and while looking at pancake recipes, I stumbled upon one that made no sense to me.  Where is the bulk?  How could this work?

The longer I looked at it, the more I wanted to try it.  And so we did this morning.  (we pan fried it, because we have a mini oven and it seemed like it would be a pain to bake them up.  Plus, we don’t normally bake pancakes, so not a fair comparison).

And it was bizarrely good.  Like I was expecting something to taste totally different, but this just tasted like pancakes.   Maybe not as authentic, but pancakes.

Weird, I guess Almond butter is just one step past Almond flour, so. . . but. . . still. . . weird. . .

July 20th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:    Boggling my mind at breakfast.