The Daily EO: February 18th, 2013

There are unanswerable questions.

I generally use the washroom close to my office, but today I used the washroom on the production floor.  It is a large room bathroom with lockers and closets, etc.

When I closed the stall door I faced this well-meaning instruction:

photo (2)

I pondered this for a while.

What is too much paper towel?  Is that more than one sheet?  Or is just the right amount to get my hands dry?  Should I take just a little and then go back for more?  Is there an international standard?   Is it based upon hand size?  Or how far up my arms I wash?  Is somebody going to be judging me on my paper towel use?  Should I drip and shake dry?

February 18th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  I think directives should be much more clear.  I am never using this bathroom again.


The Daily EO: April 23rd, 2012

We’ve all got people.  People who can do things for us, give us advice, and answer questions we have.  Some people have more people than other.  Some have powerful people.  You can live your life without people certainly, but they can smooth the way for us.  It’s a sense of security to say “I know a guy”.  I have people.  I’ve got a guy who paints my car.  I’ve got a different guy who fixes my computer (I had to marry him though).  I’ve got an HR professional on retainer.  Need food?  I got someone for that too.  It’s good.  I’ve need advice and questions and help, and have been able to turn to my people.

I’ve needed to turn to people for many things over the years.  Here are some:

What do I look for in a personal trainer?  How can I be a better manager?  What are the best vegetarian sources of protein?  Can you recommend a type of luggage?  What are the pharmaceutical manufacturing regulations in Canada?   Do you know any fantastic hotels that are “better than home”?  What is a haka?   Could you look over this resume?  What is the most professional way to resign from my position?  Can you link me to some connections to explore employment opportunities in the Lower Mainland?  Can you recommend a hairdresser in Huntsville?  My grandfather is aging and it is difficult for me, can you relate?  How can I make decisions for myself while taking into account what Emile wants?  How do I get the other Granville Skytrain station entrance?

April 23rd, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  I have a person – just one, really – who answered all of those for me.  And I bet she’ll keep answering.  Thanks.