The Daily EO: June 10th, 2012

Goals:  Emile:  29:53 Minutes     Susan:  34:25 Minutes

You should know I walked up that first hill.  My adrenaline was pumping, my stomach was twisting, and I needed to try to calm down.  So, I started out running, but walked the steepest part.  I was passed by a man portaging a canoe, but I felt no shame.  As I was being strategic – saving myself for the end.    Watch out, Canoe Head.  I’ll be coming for you.

At the top of the short but steep hill, I started running.  I was able to run the next 1 km, but it was all generally uphill.   At this point, I was questioning “Why do I do this?”.  I could easily put $50 into something else.  But if I could just make it to the 2.5 km mark, the race got easier from there.  I stopped and walked briskly for 10 seconds.  I started running again.   I  walked again.  There was someone I knew at the corner, I started running again.  Gave a high-five to the kid at the corner – made his day.

And that was a general summary of my race today – running quickly, walking quickly, running, walking.  Running, Walking.

Emile and I did not start out at the same place on the race today – I didn’t want to be distracted by him or what he was doing.  But, our racing styles are completely different – and completely reflect the way we face the world.  Emile doesn’t worry or plan for all contingencies.  He starts and keeps running until complete.  No fuss.  A solid and steady pace from beginning to end.  I, however, plan, think, and strategize every step of the race.  I concern myself with how I should handle everything.  I need to have music and sunglasses.  I get nervous, I fuss.  But when I run, I run fast.  Faster than Emile.  But I also stop and walk because I can’t run 5 km at that speed.

I didn’t feel very good running this race – I felt slow, sticky, tired.  But I kept going – but really what was the alternative?  Was I just going to lay down on the road and await a medic?  You just keep going despite your mind wondering why your lungs and legs hurt.  When I crossed the finish line, I forgot to look at my timer, and forgot to look up at the race timer.  I was just so glad to be finished.  Why do I do this?  Get me some water.

After minutes of recovery, I started wondering about my time. Here is the before and after Emile checking the chip times:

June 10th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Personal Best for both of us, wife of the 40-49 Male division Winner.  I’ll never hear the end of this.

Emile Results:
Time: 25:26  (personal best, and -4:28 from target)
Overall Finish:  9th (OMG!!!)
Gender Finish:  5th (OMG!!)
Category Finish: 1st (with a medal and ceremony to prove it)

Susan Results:
Time:  30:39 (personal best and -3:46 from target)
Overall Finish:  33rd (!!)
Gender Finish:  22nd (!!)
Category Finish:  8th (OMG!!)