The Daily EO: July 25th, 2012

So as I write this, I am eating some Hersey’s Kisses that I stole from the freezer in the common room at the retirement home.  I mean, seriously, I am stealing chocolate from seniors.  In walkers.  This is an example of the things that I do when I go home.  I eat more, I do less, I apparently steal, and I generally regress.  However, in my defense, I probably would steal chocolate from seniors while at home.

I have one of the best aps for my Android phone:  CardioTrainer.  Like many training aps available, it combines GPS, step counting, maps and my dimensions to calculate distance run and calories burned.  It’s fantastic.  It’s free.

On this trip I was determined to not regress too far.  Sure, I’ll fight with my brother, but maybe I could do alright.  I awake early each morning – thanks to time zone changes – and I have to make a decision each morning to exercise.  And I’ve done pretty good I think.

July 25th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  According to CardioTrainer, I’ve run 42.2 kms since we left from Huntsville.  I think that is 5% of my lifetime total.