The Daily EO: January 12th, 2013

When I started stocking up my house we first moved here, I went to Costco with a friend. I have an inherent cheapness about me that causes me to have issue with the requirement to pay money to a store just for the right to shop there. I mean, really? Is it that exclusive? And it further pisses me off that they have the best price and best quality for raw nuts. So I have to keep mooching off my friends who buy Costco memberships to get said nuts and other items. Sigh.

Said Mugs

Anyways, I had left the cart and when I returned, my friend had conveniently placed a 2 piece travel mug set in the cart for me to purchase. I pondered this for a while, because I seem to get and get rid of a lot of travel mugs – I don’t tend to use them. My friends extolled the virtues of this particular travel mug to me. I was staying at their home for a month while we settled in – perhaps it was polite to buy the mugs. Perhaps that is what people do in Coquitlam. I didn’t really know that I needed one and one was purple which matches my “blackberry” Honda which would make me feel weird and matchy (my iPod is enough). Huh. I made my decision, took the travel mugs out of the cart and returned it to the shelf.

And then picked up a different pack that had silver and blue and instead of purple. Sigh, the social pressures we have to contend with.

It turns out, that I like these travel mugs a lot. My friend was right. I did need them. <<insert “I told you so” here, Alison>>I use one most days and I really like how they lock closed so you can drop it or roll it around in your car without spilling. Very good seal system. When you want to drink, you press a button and hold a button that allows you to drink.

But there are techniques for using these mugs. First – if you like to taste foods and retain feeling in your mouth, make sure you let the beverage cool before putting on the lid. Or wait an hour. It will still be lava hot. It’s ridiculous. I return from a meeting each day at 9 am to find my still piping hot tea upon my desk. Which is very handy and satisfying If you *need* caffeine then you might want a less effective mug.

Oh the Humane-ity

Modern technology has allowed us to train our animals more humanely – gone are whips and electric shock collars. Instead we have the dog whisperer, “alone” time and spray collars. You know spray collars for dogs. When he barks, you click the remote and the dog gets a faceful of citronella or the like. Apparently this is very effective for altering behavior in dogs.

And to get back to my second point about proper technique on these travel mugs. If you leave the mug lid to soak in water (to avoid any stinky diary smell from the milk in tea), water seeps into the seals and gets trapped and sits there

What does it sit there waiting for? Well, me of course. When I take the first sip of the day – usually while driving – the water sprays a fine mist up my nose, across my eyes and dampens my bangs. How many times have I done this? At least 7. Can’t I remember to release the mist away from my face? You’d think so.

January 12th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary: Not quite as smart as a dog, but I’ve got good, safe and hot tea.