The Daily EO: April 19th, 2012

If you are a blogger on WordPress, than you know about all the upgrades that you can make with just a little cash.  I have only been at this for a month or two, so it seems perhaps I should figure out the free stuff first, then move on to the upgrades when I get this huge following and a book deal.  Um, yeah, I’m not holding my breath either.

Nonetheless, I decided that I could wait for any rings, dings or whatevers on my blog.  I hardly even post pictures, let alone needing all sorts of widgets.  But there was one thing that my WordPress Dashboard always had highlighted in pale yellow right at the top.  It said “Make your blog your domain.  $17 a year to own”   Do I need to own the  Not really, after all, most of my followers do it via e-mail.  And it’s not exactly hard to find my blog from Google or Yahoo!.  If you were looking.

So, I never signed up.  I don’t need it.

We were watching an episode from Mad Men this evening from Season 3 (skip ahead if this is a spoiler).  Anyways, Joan’s husband comes home with the wonderful news that he is going to be a surgeon!  In the Army!  In 1963!  Just 6 weeks of basic training, then he’d practice out of New York, and maybe be sent to this Vietnam thing going on – but that was unlikely.  Wasn’t Joan so happy for him?   I turned to Emile and said “You can’t join the Army without my approval.”   He answered back “You can’t buy a domain without my approval.”

April 19th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Emile has a free pass to join the Army any time he wants.