The Daily EO: May 18th, 2012

Somewhere along the line, man discovered that if your feet are warm, you feel warm.  You feel cozy, positive, happy and know that all is right with the world.  I’ve been known to put dry towels in the dryer and then wrap my feet in them.  And putting on a thick pair of socks on late summer day after a day of swimming and flip-flops (I’ve changed my vernacular – I say flip-flops now instead of thongs like we always called them in British Columbia.  Sad really that everyone now things I am speaking of underwear) is pure bliss.

In the modern era, some genius contractor invented radiant heated floors.  If you have not experienced heated floors, then you must.  You Must.  Bare foot or in socks, its like a hug from the floor to your feet.  Like a little kiss on each toe (if you go in for that sort of thing).

Today I was at my friend’s birthday party where great amounts of calories and alcohol was available for consumption.  I had heathy choices – yes, and I even prepared by bring diet mix to have with vodka instead of drinking wine or other items.  Yes, certainly I was going to partake in cake – I made it after all – and the steak, but I had gone for a run, I had some calories.  Plus, what’s the point of living until you’re 110 if you don’t binge on things along the way.

Later in the evening, my kidneys had done an admirable job of converting the consumed beverages into waste and I needed to use the bathroom.  I wandered in and was quickly reminded by my feet that my friend’s have a heated floor in their bathroom.   While I peed, I considered the following thought: If my feet felt so good on this floor, imagine what it would feel like on my back.  Now, consider the bathroom was right off the dining room.  I simply open the door, lay on the floor, and be warmed by the radiant heat while still participating in the conversation.  This is a flawless plan!

And so I did just that.  Social graces inhibited and therefore I could enjoy it in all its splendor.  I’m telling you, good conversation with warmth through your back, very good.  Glorious.

May 18th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  The best idea I have ever had – execution equalled anticipation.

Maintenance May Day 18:
Baked a Gluten-Free Black Forest Cake for my friend’s birthday.  (connection)