February 11, 2012

Today I went to Delta Grandview’s Fitness area for the last time.  They had taken out the “good” treadmills.  Now for those of you don’t know – and you know who you are – a treadmill is a fairly simply device.  Probably inventing just 80 years after the wheel.  It basically works by making the ground move backwards while you move forwards allowing you to stay safe away from the germ infested outdoors.  So the “good” treadmills just have a bunch of unnecessary features that are not really needed.  (Who’s kidding who?  A treadmill is a replacement for ground, which last I looked there is ample ground.  I wonder how that went at the product pitch meeting – “I have an invention that is a replacement for ground. .” )
They had also taken out the television and my key card didn’t work anymore so some helpful fellow had let me in.  I brought my iPod with me ramped with my new favourite song that features the lyrics “Going for Gold with Yamaguchi, It’s time for Hoochie Coochie” (yes, seriously), but forgot my headphones in car.  The “good” treadmills had a iPod port.  So, here I am locked in the gym because my key doesn’t work anymore and no TV, and no music (unless I pretended that I could feel the vibrations of it, but I am should Steve Jobs made sure that didn’t happen).  So, I decide to run anyways.  I quickly find that these “less than good” treadmills don’t have the distance settings I like.  I run for five minutes with the emergency “STOP” button calling my name.  (Does anyone but Biggest Loser Contestants really go flying off these things?). 
You have to understand, it was a big event, me going to the gym today, haven’t gone consistently since November.  So, all of these obstacles were enough to push me over the edge.  (my previous trainer told me that if you don’t feel like going to the gym, try just going for 20 minutes and you’ll probably stay for your whole workout.  Seriously, he didn’t know me too well). 
So, I trudged off to the showers hoping that nobody would be in the locker room ogling me, or forcing me to ogle them.  In the shower, I was feeling quite pissed off and sad.  Sad about Grandview’s last weekend, sad that I let all these petty obstacles stand in my way of actually burning more than 50 calories, and it hit me.  (Some of you know, my best thinking is always in the shower.  Love the shower.)  I need a “book of awesome” or “a happiness project”!  Maybe a blog.  But these have been done.
No, I Need a Daily Extra-Ordinary Keeper.  Everyday – need to find something extra-ordinary that happened to me.  And to keep me honest, I have to send it every day via e-mail.  Short, long, sardonic, weird, good, joyful, whatever, but Extra-Ordinary.  Recognize the things in my life that are different, exciting, fun, extraordinary, and good.
February 11, 2012 Extra-Ordinary Event:  Having a brain storm in the Delta Grandview Shower about barraging my friends and family daily with some random event that happened me.  (please don’t add me to your spam filter)

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